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Spirit Winds Arabians, Casper, Wyoming

We entered our Equine business about 15-20 years ago. At that time we chose to own and breed Arabian horses with strong Polish or mostly Polish lineage due to their athleticism and wonderful temperament. Gradually we moved into the "showing" aspect of the business; however, we suddenly realized that we were losing the "pure" athlete due to the breeding aims at that time. We refocused on our original objective which was to breed superb athletes with good dispositions and who can function in our workaday world. Performance became the key word and with it the commitment to establish a strong performance Arabian to compete in racing, endurance, cutting and reining events (activities). At the same time we did not want to lose the beauty and "people loving" personalities accorded to the Polish and mostly Polish Arabians. To achieve this, we have assembled quality Polish Arabians with known athletic pedigrees that stress conformation and heart. We are also including Crabbet and other breeding lines to produce an enhanced degree of athleticism, while maintaining excellent conformation, stride, freedom of movement, intelligence and personality.

Several years ago, we decided to carry out our quest for excellent athletes into the Quarter Horse world. Accordingly, we have been successful in proving these athletes in the cutting and reining competitions. From here we plan on introducing Half-Arabians that should provide us with the best of both worlds. To date we have taken strong proven Quarter Horse stallions and bred them to our Arabian mares and now their offspring are doing well in the roping arena.

Lastly we do have a few Fjord horses courtesy of my youngest daughter. They compliment our other horses and exhibit our same breeding standards. In the herd hierarchy they are the "court jesters" and the "food tasters"!!! We are constantly adding to our lines with an eye toward breeding a more complete athlete. To date we feel we have been successful; we hope you will consider one of our athletes for purchase or for breeding to enhance the genes in your horses.

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Horses owned: 35
Horses in Race Training: 4-5
Stallions at Stud: Yes
Transported Semen Available: No